We are present in many shopping centers throughout Spain, providing our experience, advice and consultancy, for the development of auxiliary and complementary services for consumers and customers of large commercial areas:

  • Marketing campaigns and launch of new products
  • Advice and consulting in customer flow
  • Creation of leisure spaces
  • Auxiliary services for consumers

Our presence has been developed in centers these spanish shopping centers:

  • La Vaguada (Madrid)
  • ParqueSur (Madrid)
  • Arturo Soria Plaza (Madrid)
  • Zielo Pozuelo (Madrid)
  • Islazul (Madrid)
  • Parque Corredor (Madrid)
  • Gran Plaza 2 (Madrid)
  • Loranca (Madrid)
  • Gran Plaza 2 (Madrid)
  • Parque Corredor (Madrid)
  • Madrid Xanadú (Madrid)
  • Luz Shopping (Cádiz)
  • La Maquinista (Barcelona)
  • Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)
  • Barnasud (Barcelona)
  • Txingudi (Irún)
  • León Plaza (León)
  • El Tormes (Salamanca)
  • As Termas (Lugo)
  • Valaire (Valencia)
  • Marineda City (A Coruña)
  • La Cañada (Málaga)
  • As Cancelas (A Coruña)
  • Puerto Valencia (Valencia)
  • Vallsur (Valladolid)
  • Nevada Shopping (Granada)
  • Puerto Venecia (Zaragoza)
  • Plaza Imperial (Zaragoza)
As Cancelas (Santiago, A Coruña) Bonaire (Valencia) Gran Plaza 2 (Majadahonda, Madrid)
La Cañada (Marbella, Málaga) La Maquinista (Barcelona) Madrid Xanadú (Madrid)
Marineda City (A Coruña) Granada Shopping (Granada) ParqueSur (Leganés, Madrid)
Diagonal Mar (Barcelona) Puerto Venecia (Zaragoza) Islazul (Madrid)